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Marketing Management

Citing a specific example, how does your organization use primary and secondary market research to develop its marketing strategy. Has the Internet impacted the way your company conducts market research. Why or Why not?

What resources does your company use to conduct competitive intelligence and how often is it done? How is this information used to improve strategic decision making? Has this information helped your company maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace? Why or Why not?

Define your company's primary target consumer/business buyer and identify at least three factors that influence their purchasing decision. How do these factors influence your company's marketing strategy? USE STARBUCKS AND MCDONALDS.

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Research & Marketing Strategy

Marketing research is the careful analysis of a business situation by scientifically analyzing it and using various statistical applications to the subject of study. The marketing research helps my company in formulating and executing marketing strategies. The two types of data collection techniques: primary and secondary methods help the company to collect the essential data, which is required to formulate different marketing strategies. One of the best examples of market research is that it collects the data for the company that helps in sales forecasting and creating relative marketing strategies to increase the volume of sales and to satisfy the customers.

The market research of McDonald has helped it in identifying the target customers, which contain parents with two children, children, business customers, teenagers, etc. The primary and secondary data sources have also contributed to strengthen the marketing mix of the company. The product life cycle of the company is based on the taste and preferences of the customers. The techniques of marketing ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 616 Words, APA References