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    Your company has had an outside consultant come in and assess job descriptions and roles, and the way you work together. You have been told that no positions will be eliminated at this time, but some positions may be redefined to reflect better working/partnering practices.
    For this consultation, you have been asked to think about your role as the Marketing Director at Resorts 123. There is a Public Relations Director at corporate headquarters, but not a marketing communications department. You tend to handle much of the writing needs, but you outsource your design needs.
    As part of this consultant's program, you are required to write a proposal to the Public Relations Director and your Project Director, examining the different roles of marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and public relations. Examine the ideal way in which they (should) all work in concert together, and sometimes overlap each other, in their quest to reach defined goals and objectives.
    In the proposal, describe the different functions and responsibilities of the following people as they work in Resorts 123: Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications specialist, and a Public Relations Director. Describe and explain how their contributions could each affect the overall success of the business. Provide examples of your own ideas of approach in each area (marketing, marketing communication, advertising, and public relations) for Resorts 123.
    Research on the Internet for actual job descriptions of these job titles and examine their overall scope and differences in responsibilities and duties.

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    //The given discussion paper is based on functions and responsibilities in marketing management. But before starting with the assignment, we have to first of all, understand the meaning of the 'Marketing Management and its Scope'. So, firstly, we write about the marketing management under the heading of the Introduction, for example://


    This assignment describes about the importance of marketing management for a business. Marketing management is an important phenomenon in the present competitive environment as it provides help in the different directions of business. Persons related with the marketing department like Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications Specialist, and a Public Relations Director have a positive impact on the growth of business.

    //The next part of instructions, asks us to write about the functions and responsibilities of the Marketing Manager. This part makes you clear, importance of the Marketing Manager in the Organization. You are free to add more to the information. I am only providing you a brief overview.//

    Functions and Responsibilities of Marketing Manager:

    Marketing Manager directly reports to Chief Executing Officer or Managing Director of resort. Marketing Manager's main purpose is to implement sales and various marketing activities in order to meet resort targets for preservation, expansion and prosperity. Following can be the major functions and responsibilities of a Marketing Manager of Resort 123:

    Ø Planning different marketing programs so that the sales goals of resort can be accomplished.

    Ø ? Plans for advertising of resort, media purchases, net marketing, print collateral, direct mail promotions, on-site and off-site actions.

    Ø ? Formulations of annual ...

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