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Job descriptions

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(1)What are some of the reasons your organization or the one you are familiar with should review and revise job descriptions?
(2)Which set of appropriate procedures would you suggest your organization employ to carefully generate accurate and current job descriptions now and on an ongoing basis?
(3)In addition, recommend one third-party software program or free information your organization might use to generate more detailed and up-to-date job descriptions.

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Job descriptions
(1)What are some of the reasons your organization or the one you are familiar with should review and revise job descriptions?
My company should review and revise job descriptions because of the changes in the organization. First, the work being done by most employees has changed with computerization. Second, after the economic downturn and restructuring the work being done by employees and their responsibilities have increased. Third, my company has changed its market focus in the last five months this has altered the work being ...

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