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    Job Description

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    A job description is like a deed of property ownership and describes what the job includes and what must be done to adequately perform the job. In some ways these job descriptions limit management's rights or opportunities to change job requirements at will and as such have begun to lose favor with employers. Discuss this and the impact it has on both the employee and employer. What are some ways employers can resolve this problem? Do job descriptions still have a place in business? Why or why not?

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    A job description is a written statement that outlines the duties, responsibilities, qualifications and reporting relationships of a specific job. If the job description is effectively developed, they can be significant in the success of the organization. Otherwise, poorly written job descriptions may hurt communication, add to confusion, and make people think and feel negatively.
    A good job description clearly communicates the direction of the company and states the employee's responsibilities to serve as a guide to where the employee fits inside the big picture within the organization. The job description states the expectations from an employee. It also serves to cover one's legal bases and it helps set the boundaries of the person's responsibilities.
    Many employees and employers see the job description as useless as practically many employees have not ...

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    The impact of job description on both the employee and the employer. References are included.