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    elements of job description

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    What are the elements of job description? What are some valuable uses of job description? (compensation and benefits) 200-300 words APA format

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    //Prior to discuss about the elements of job description, it is more beneficial to understand the concept of job description clearly, which describes in detail about the various aspects of job. So, firstly, I will write about job description under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Job description is the most common end product of a job analysis. It is natural outcome of job analysis and can be depicted as documentation of the end results of job analysis. Job description describes in detail, the various aspects of a job i.e. tasks performed, job responsibilities, deliverables, setting & work environment of the job, job positioning, etc. It is mainly used in recruitment, training, performance appraisal, wage & salary administration, etc. (Putting Job Descriptions into Practice, 2007). The documentation of the job description helps the new employees at a great level, in order to make them clear about the job and its key prerequisite. Therefore, it has to be modified, whenever major variations take place in responsibilities, relationship and tasks.

    //Above, I discussed about the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 675 words with references.