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    Job description elements

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    Describe the major parts of a job description and the procedures used for collecting job information. Explain the differences between a responsibility statement and a duty statement, and discuss the reasons job descriptions are valuable to employers and employees.

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    1. Describe the major parts of a job description.

    The major components of a job description are defined and dependent upon an employer's immediate need of fulfillment. A decent job description will include the following:
    - The name of the company.
    - Title position, salary grade, and/or job classification.
    - Requirements needed to apply. For example, high school diploma, college degree, and/or three to five years experience in the selected field.
    - The purpose of the job. Every job has a fundamental purpose that must be clearly defined within the job description. For example, a porter's purpose is to maintain the cleanliness of various areas within a resort.
    - The nature of the job. Management must identify potential duties to avert potential ramifications of employees quitting because the job is physically exhausting or too stressful. For example, during the MBA program, I wanted to obtain a job with the police force as a dispatcher. I filled out the application, but prior to entering the second phase of the process, recruiters informed me of the intense nature of the position and that you must be emotionally prepared to take calls and to remain calm. After careful consideration I determined that I would not be able to take calls from people in ...

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