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Various Elements of Job Design

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Think about your current job (or a previous position you held).
1. Please give a brief description of this position.
2. Discuss the various elements of job design as they apply this position. Address whether or not your position incorporated:
o Job enrichment
o Job enlargement
o Cross-functional teams
o Employee empowerment
3. Do you believe that all jobs should include all of the above mentioned elements of job design? If so, explain why. If not, give an example of a job which would not require one or more of these elements and explain why it is not needed for that job.

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I hold marketing manager position of a garment manufacturing company.

1) Please give a brief description of this position.
I have to undertake business development activities which include researching and developing marketing opportunities. It comprises of new customer and market development. I am also involved in managing work force; formulating and implementing sales plans and achievement of marketing and sales objectives by satisfying customer's needs and requirements.

2) Discuss the various elements of job design as they apply this position. Address whether or not your position incorporated:
a) Job enrichment - My position incorporates the element of job enrichment. It involves various activities like assessing the need for developing new products and services by understanding the market and customer from time to time. It is a challenging as well as a very interesting task to understand the ever-changing demands of the target audience and to convey the same to the production department so ...

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This solution of 642 words discusses the various elements of job design pertaining to the position of marketing manager in a garment manufacturing company.

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