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Job design across cultures

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1. What is the most important emerging issue in the design of work?

2. How do the Japanese, German, and Scandinavian approaches to work differ from one another and from the American approach?

3. Is there ever one best way to design a particular job?

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1 -- Telecommuting is by far, the single most important issue in the design of work. As technology has progressed, companies have started to take notice. Employees can now be productive from their own homes. This is ideal in many situations, and particularly where face-to-face contact with customers is minimal or non-existent based upon the specific job. Many companies have arranged that parents with children can work half of the work week from their home and also have given parents the ability to work from home when children are sick or off from school. Even with workers that do not have children or have grown children, it is a very flexible work approach. The main benefit is that it helps to retain qualified talent.

2 -- In America, we place a high emphasis in the business arena on "me." We ...

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This solution discusses various areas of job design. The differences are discussed among the three cultures listed and compared with America in terms of the approaches to work. The best way to design a particular job and the emerging issue in job design are thoroughly discussed.