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    Management: How Culture Influences Employee Motivation

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    Managers must be effective in motivating employees in order to maximize productivity. Understanding how cultures influence employee motivation is necessary for a manager whose employees represent multiple cultures. Identify what is meant by the need to design culturally appropriate reward systems. Provide at least three examples of culturally appropriate reward systems from multinational enterprises you have read about. Try to do this in about 300-500 words.

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    It is important to design culturally appropriate reward systems since employees from different cultures are motivated differently. Maslow's hierarchy of needs plays into the motivation of workers, with the human resource manager needing to understand the types of needs in each particular culture in which the organization is operating. Workers may value their job for generous holidays, good work hours, the respectability of the job or because they are able to use initiatives on the job. Much of these values are determinant upon the culture in which the organization operates. For instance, in China, training and development is the most commonly used strategy to foster employees' commitment to companies. This is in part due to the importance of the Chinese ...

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    This solution discussess how different employee cultures need to be understood in order to properly manage employees and provide motiviation. The solution gives examples from multinational companies and APA references.