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Motivation on Organizational Efficiency

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Explain how The Impact of Employees Motivation on Organizational Efficiency is influenced by the epistemological perspective.

My conference is tomorrow and I'm stuck with this. Could you help? Thanks!

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The following posting discusses the impact of employee motivation on organizational efficiency from an epistemological perspective.

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1. Explain how the impact of employees? motivation on organizational efficiency is influenced by the epistemological perspective.

I will provide you my thoughts on this. It will be based on my education and experience. First, let?s go back to my last response for you. Last time I wrote this in regards to having an epistemological perspective:

? I am assuming that this question is indicating that you must have your own personal epistemological perspective to determine what sort of knowledge you wish to explore with management research. If you have no background belief system, how can you determine which information is critical and why? If you want to explore the affects of transformational leadership style on employee performance and motivation, you must have a basic belief about knowledge and why seeking additional knowledge in this area is beneficial. Let?s discuss schemas. Schema theory would have us believe that individuals develop their own framework for understanding the world based on their unique experiences and knowledge. So, what is your epistemology schema? How does your epistemological perspective (or schema) influence what you think is valuable and worth researching? It is critical to remember, strict dedication to a particular epistemological paradigm can lead to a researcher becoming resistant to new or better ways of approaching research topics or management issues. When thinking about knowledge and how we acquire knowledge, it is important to remain patient and accommodating. Knowledge is often ...

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