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    Employee Behavior in Various Businesses

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    You may deal with employees who work for various business and companies from time to time. Do you feel that an employee�s compensation plan affects how he or she behaves to one another and to his or her customers? Why or why not? If the compensation plan does indeed affect behavior, how can the plan be improved?

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    Employee behavior toward workmates and customers is affected by many factors, but the money compensation that he or she receives is only a minor part of that influence. More often, if that compensation is perceived to be lower than the what is considered to be the value of the work done, then it will negatively affect the behavior of employees. An "About.com" article lists eight factors that influence motivation:

    Management and leadership actions that empower employees,
    Transparent and regular communication about factors important to employees,
    Treating employees with respect,
    Providing regular employee recognition,
    Feedback and coaching from managers and leaders,
    Above industry-average benefits and compensation,
    Providing employee perks and company activities, and
    Positively managing employees within a success framework of goals, measurements, and clear expectations.

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    When dealing with other employees in other businesses periodically, the question of the effect that an employees compensation plan has on workplace interrelations and the treatment of customers is can be examined. Some important issues are: if these motivational factors do affect employee behavior, is the result positive or negative? What can be done to increase a positive outcome? If the compensation plan does negatively affect behavior, how can that plan be improved?