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    Organizational behavior and its implications for business

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    Write a paper on a specific aspect of or topic relating to Organizational Behavior and its implications for business. Apply your findings to a specific industry or type of business. Be sure your paper addresses the following:

    What are the strategic implications of organizational behavior for your selected industry or business?
    What business needs within the industry you have identified represent opportunities for organizational behavior?
    What implications (both opportunities and challenges) does organizational behavior have on your selected industry or business?

    Include a minimum of 7-10 sources.

    The assignment needs to be in relation to my attachment or it can be about a completely different organization. The choice is your but must include everything listed in the problem. Thank you so much for your help.

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    Employees and customers are all unique. Businesses in the 21st century work with a diverse customer base as well as employee base. Marketers strive to understand the "why" when evaluating employee and customer motivation and individual performance. MARS looks at motivation, ability, role perception and situational factors and helps to analyze and understand what makes people "tick" so that this can be used to in business to better meet the needs of both the customer and the employee (Bourassa, 2012). The following paper defines and analyzes MARS, looks at MARS and employee motivation and individual behavior, and evaluates how MARS is used in business.

    Annotated Bibliography
    Bourassa, David. (2007). MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Results. http://ezinearticles.com/?MARS-Model-of-Individual-Behavior-and-Results&id=571834

    This is an ezine article, by David Bourassa, a Basic Level Expert Author in business management. The intended audience is business executives and students wishing to better their knowledge of management.
    The MARS model by McShane and Von Glinow identifies how a better understanding of Motivation, Ability, Role perception, and Situational factors impact employee performance. This article points out that managers utilizing the MARS model will have a better understanding of how and why employees succeed or fail. In order to successfully implement this model, it is crucial for managers to understand and fulfill each of the elements of the model.
    This source is relevant to my project because it thoroughly explains the elements of the MARS model.

    Mahasahil. (2009) Foundations of Individual Behavior. Slideshare.net. http://www.slideshare.net/mahasahil/foundations-of-individual-behavior

    This is a slide show posted by Mahasahil, a person who has posted 35 different slide shows in regards to business matters, including marketing, selling, cost analysis, group behavior, and individual behavior. It is posted for people wishing to learn more about individual behavior within a corporate setting.

    The MARS Model is explained as it relates to employee motivation and the internal forces that affect a person's voluntary choice of behavior including direction, intensity, and persistence. The slide show illustrates the need to match people to correct job, develop employee skills, and make sure that employee behavior is outlined and understood to achieve desired results. In addition it explains situational factors.

    This source is helpful to my project because it further explains the MARS model and illustrates it in more depth from a company's perspective.

    Matthews, J. R. (2011). ASSESSING ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: THE ROLE OF PERFORMANCE MEASURES. Library Quarterly, 81(1), 83-110. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

    The author is the President of JRM Consulting, Inc, and has written this article to help business leaders with organizational effectiveness and performance evaluation.

    This article shows the challenges of associating organizational effectiveness with performance measures. It talks about the difficulty of assessing the MARS factors in the workplace.

    This article is of use because it has various topics like dashboards, process improvement initiatives, and integrated management frameworks, which shows how to evaluate the MARS Model within an organization.

    McShane-Von Glinow (2004). Organizational Behavior (4th Edition). http://www.otheradded.com/article/20505/advice--MARS-Model-of-Individual-Behavior-and-Results.html

    This is an online source from a Business Hub that references the original McShane-Von Glinow MARS concept but helps explain it to small business owners.

    This article helps explain the difference between a happy, satisfied employee and an unhappy disgruntled employed since these attributes effect results at work. The ...

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    The organizational behavior and its implications for business are determined.