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Managing the Organization's Structure

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Explain the relationship between organizational structure and human behaviors.
- What effects might an organizations structure have on its members?

Describe the different types of organizational structures.

Analyze how specific organizational designs can elicit predictable attitudes and motivations.
- Analyze the behavioral implications of different organizational designs and use Google Starbucks and Wal-Mart as examples.

Is it possible to generalize and say that a certain structure is better than others?
- Is there a structure that is superior in terms of its effects on its members?
- Defend your answer with references to the concepts in the readings and any references that you find relevant.

Helpful references:
Puffer, S. (2004) Changing organizational structures: An interview with Rosabeth Moss Kanter. Academy of Management Executive, 18(2).
The following article looks at changing organizational structures as open systems and the effect on managers.
Buhler, P. M. (2011). Changing organizational structures and their impact on managers. Supervision, 72(2), 24-26.
About Google. (2013) http://www.google.com/about

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Businesses organizational structure is effective when both the employee human behaviors are factored in to reaching the desired targeted goals. Senior management is the key to producing productive and effective decisions making that serves the overall organization mission for sufficiently. In designing the organizational structure, the human behaviors to how, why, and what output of activity plays a major role to achieving the designed goal.

Let's take a look at several areas of focus:

- Explain the relationship between organizational structure and human behaviors.

The organizational structure is vital in determining how tasks processes are organized and managed by employees as well as led by senior management teams. The organizational structure provides an opportunity to deciphering how the company business is actually perfuming internally for successfully outputting the product or service on time. In designing the organizational structure that is mostly built on the mission and vision of the company's core objective, the set goals or initiatives are met accordingly to project scope. Further, the human behaviors are more associated with the desire allowable behavior in performing the job tasks as well as the conduct to how focusing what is professional and productive.

Try and think of the synergy between the organizational structure and human behaviors as the means for forging an alliance towards meeting core objectives that bring forth the best product or service output. In doing so, the business entity is more on the path to reaching the desired outcome in more efficient element of productivity that can increases profitability, brand identity, and brand equity.

-What effects might an organizations structure have on its members?

Aim in thinking on what effects might an organizations structure have on its own members by identifying the any strengths or ...

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