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    Mintzberg's Organization Archetypes

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    Please assist me with reviewing Mintzberg's work with archetypes.
    What key features and implications are involved in each archetype?
    Why do we need a template for explaining the structure of an organization?
    Mintzberg claimed we have too many managers and too few leaders. Do you agree or disagree with this and why?

    please include references.. at least 2 pages if possible..I have done about 10 but is currently stuck.

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    Mintzberg's contribution in 1979 was the series of archetypes that have "provided the basic structural configurations of firms operating in different environments." Mintzberg's synthesis is that an organization's work structure is designed according to its situation. However, he also mentioned that a "configurational hypothesis" indicates an organization's structure to be dominated by one of the five archetypes that he has identified (Fagerberg, 2006):
    1. Simple structure. Also called the entrepreneurial structure, the simple structure is typical in start-up companies where there is only one creative minded leader controls the small group and responds quickly to the changes and challenges in the work environment. This type of archetype is highly innovative and always on the search for risky environments as they are still in the learning process. Besides, these leaders initiated the company therefore they are forward-thinking, energetic, idealistic and enthusiastic. However, since there is only one running the company, there may be wrong judgment on some matters that were given attention. There will be limitation for growth as it is an organic type where only one person controls the business and its controlling nature may mean limited and poor task discipline with no emphasis on defined work processes.
    2. Machine bureaucracy. This organization is considered as mechanistic with its high level of standardization and specialization. Mass production firms, ...

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