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    Purdue farms

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    Read the "Perdue Farms Inc.: Responding to 21st century challenges" case provided in the link below.
    Answer the following questions:

    1. Describe the change in management style (Frank versus Jim) at Perdue Farms.

    2. How would you classify Perdue Farms according to Mintzberg's five organization types? Explain

    3. What challenges does Perdue Farms face in the 21st Century?


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    1. Describe the change in management style (Frank versus Jim) at Perdue Farms.

    Frank belong to that phase of industry development where people had little formal education, they started with on company, and progressed with the same company over a span of several years. Like traditional leader, Frank mostly used a centralized management style where he kept decision making authority in his hands, or with those who were his trusted confidantes. Employees were treated as regular workers who were expected to do their jobs. However, it was only in the later years that Frank encouraged employee participation in quality issues and operational decisions.

    Jim, unlike Frank was a highly educated professional. He knew the importance of workforce and ways to keep them loyal to the company. Jim had people-first management style. Under his management, company's goals centered on 3 Ps-People, Products, and Profitability. He believed that success of a business relies on satisfying customer needs by providing quality products. He emphasized the importance of associates in the company. According to him, it was associates who strive to assure quality products are supplied to customers, and in the process ...

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