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    Paper on Building Learning Objective

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    Building Learning Organizations

    Length: 8 - 10 double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages)

    APA standards and cite five or more scholarly sources including three peer-reviewed journal articles.

    Part I: Case Analysis
    Select an organization that is currently not a learning organization in which one or more system archetypes and learning disabilities are evident; the case analysis works best when you select a team or department with which you are familiar. For example, rather than selecting the entire military, focus on the specific unit where you are (or were) assigned.

    Briefly describe the organization, identifying a specific problem or challenge that exists. Diagnose the problem by describing one or more system archetypes, and one or more learning disabilities that impact it. Your analysis must include theoretical definitions of the selected system archetype and learning disability as well as a description of how each affects the problem or challenge in this organization (3 - 4 pages).

    Part II: Recommendations and Action Plan
    For the organization discussed in the Case Analysis, recommend an action plan to transform it into a learning organization. The action plan must include one or more specific activities for each of the five disciplines that could be utilized over time to create positive change with the organization; these activities may come from The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook or other academic sources. For example, in preparing a recommendation for systems thinking, begin by identifying leverage point(s) for change for the system archetype(s) discussed in the case analysis, and then discuss strategies to address it (4 - 6 pages).

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    //The following paper will present certain learning disabilities and system archetypes experienced in Wal-Mart. Learning disabilities are identified if the organization does undergo significant transition within the specific time period. The organizations are operating in a highly dynamic business environment; therefore, they must constantly undertake learning practices in order to withstand the growing intense competition.//

    Rapid organizational change and the need to adapt to the changing business model provide immense growth opportunities to the company in the present era. System archetypes present a broad range of organizational issues, which has a direct impact on the behavioral patterns of the employees working within the organization. Learning disabilities occur when the organizations does not learn from their challenging experiences. Most of the organizations in the present business scenario are operating in a highly dynamic environment, wherein the company should constantly develop learning programs to overcome the upcoming challenges. Learning organizations should foster a cohesive work environment, wherein all the employees should embrace new learning and initiative. In the present contemporary business environment, organizational learning is considered to be essential for the growth and survival of the firm. With the formulation of correct policies and principles, the company will be able to deliver exceptional working environment to the entire employee base. In addition to this, employee retention and employee satisfaction are the key
    concerns to resolve the upcoming organizational issues (Weiss, 2014).

    In this context, we have selected Wal-Mart, wherein learning disabilities and system archetypes have been identified in relation to gender discrimination. Wal-Mart is not able to provide a cooperative and cohesive work environment to its entire workforce, which greatly affects the profitability and productivity of the company. The organization has always been under controversies related to employment-based issues such as unjust termination, discrimination and not recognizing the efforts of female employees (Brunn, 2006). Wal-Mart made significant measures to overcome the problems and challenges in order to remain competitive in the global industry segment. However, despite making significant attempts to overcome the pressing issue, Wal-Mart was not able to adapt to the changes effectively.

    Wal-Mart is the world's biggest retailer, which employees around 815,000 women (Brunn, 2006). Today, the women have the required educational qualifications and capabilities to perform key tasks within the organizations. In this essence, Wal-Mart has been alleged many a times for unfair treatment to women, which have greatly impacted its brand image and goodwill in the specific industry segment. All such allegations have raised questions about the work environment of Wal-Mart and, therefore, its attrition rate is enhancing to a phenomenal extent, which also results in rising cost to the company. Due to the downturn in the economy, rising operational cost is one of the prime concerns for the company; therefore, the company needs to develop a strategic framework, which provides equality to all the employees. System ...

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