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Comparing 3 Educational Components to Teaching & Learning Theory

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I badly need assistance writing a four-page paper. These are the requirements of my paper. Can someone please assist me?

Describe in detail the particular educational program you are going to analyze.
Explain the 3- 5 specific program components that you will address. (for example, program components might be presentation of content such as lecture, cooperative groups, hybrid, online; assignments such as team projects, scholarly papers, discussion groups; grading procedures, quizzes, rubrics, etc.)

Introduce the developmental and learning theories that you will be using to analyze the program components.

Apply a developmental and a learning theory to the educational program and specific program components. How can the theories support or inform practice?
Provide specific examples of the program components and how they demonstrate or do not demonstrate the theories.

Evaluate the theory or theories by explaining how specific program components are informed (or not informed) by those theories.

If you discover and determine that the program components are not supported by theories, then provide recommendations to the educational program.

Defend or refute the strength of the one theory over another.

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Solution Summary

The expert provide a detailed summary that expands on the stages of development and intelligences for three learning platforms. Shown here also are suggestion on why the learning platforms are suitable for teaching and learning. The expert also discuss the challenges for each platform. These learning models and theories are compared and contrasted to different learning styles so as to optimize teaching and learning performance and development for learners. Others can design accelerated learning methods and evaluate the various learning platforms for teaching and learning effectiveness.

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Applying developmental and learning theories to three educational components were provided, discussed, and analyzed in this paper. The components are (1) hybrid, (2) online, and (3) face-to-face. Jean Piaget's (1896 - 1980) developmental and learning stage theory supports the belief that intellectual development occurs in stages, similar to building-blocks. Therefore, his great contributions to education and our understanding of his origins will be used in the course of analyzing Howard Gardner's (1983) multiple intelligence theory in these program components.

Hybrid is a blended learning platform established within many post-secondary learning institutions. The model is a flexible tool and strategy for teaching and learning. A portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is replaced by web-based learning. The amount of learning replaced by the web-based learning varies by class, discipline, and learning objective.

The hybrid learning model allows teachers and students to interact with one another and share in specific learning activities by way of the world-wide-web. Hybrid learning allows the educators to delve deeper into the interactions between them and the learner by examining each learning event individually.

The roles of the educator are suggested on the level of a facilitator of learning, rather than teacher. The educator breaks the learning down into individual learning chunks using prompts. The inputs and outputs are ...

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