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philosophy, ideology and theory of education

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Compare and contrast the terms philosophy, ideology, and theory in terms of their application to the teaching profession.

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Similarly philosophy, ideology and theory of education overlap and are each difficult to define in succinct terms. Philosophy of education questions areas of education and tries to define its components. Philosophy explores the nature of learning, especially of children. It tries to answer the question of what constitutes upbringing and education. It looks into the nature of education. Is the chief goal of educators to impart knowledge, to aim for development of intellectual independence, or instill moral or political values? Sources and legitimacy of educational authority are considered. What is worthwhile and necessary to teach? What are the best ways to do so? Philosophy looks at the conduct of educational research. We have had many prominent people who were philosophers of education: Plato, Rousseau, Aristotle, Locke, Mill and a 20th century philosopher, Dewey. They had different views that in turn influenced answers for the ...

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Philosophy, ideology and theory of education are correlated.