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Elementary Activites for Music Students

A great deal of research has emphasized the importance of the arts in education. Share at least three ideas for integrating the arts into early childhood education. Share specific, developmentally appropriate, lesson plans and lesson objectives for how your students will benefit from the activities or lessons described. Discuss the positive aspects of incorporating creativity, art, and dramatic activity into all curricular areas. Use The National Standards for Music Education k-4, for Music and
Creativity, Art, and Dramatic Activities

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Incorporating the arts may be just as important and keeping math and reading in schools.
When students are able to flex their creative muscles by creating something of their own, the information is retained and they are able to think more abstractly. When students can use their own minds and develop answers on their own, they are able to use curriculum information in real life situations.

Things such as collaboration with other students and perseverance to complete a project of personal interest can translate easily to further education and life. (National Standards for the Arts)http://www.menc.org/resources/view/the-national-standards-for-arts-education-introduction

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Lesson Plans for grades K-4 based on the National Standards for Music Education