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    how technology enhances socialization

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    First, choose an age level (toddler, pre-school, or elementary age). Then, list three positive examples of how technology has enhanced socialization for children in that age group. Give two additional examples of how parents/educators can use technology to further enhance a child's socialization.

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    Technology provides many positive outcomes for children of all ages. Many children learn sharing, cooperation and collaboration when using technology. Technology can create a diverse atmosphere for children, in which they can seek out others with like interests. When grouped with like-minded peers, "young children showed an improvement in their social skills, self-esteem, and mental progress" (http://oas.uco.edu/01/papers/le01.htm). Online resources allow children to collaborate on activities with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

    It has been shown that "The role of computers in fostering social relationships is further supported by observations that children usually turn to each other, rather than ...

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    This solution discusses how technology is used to improve socialization in children of all ages.