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    Mass Media: An agent of Socialization

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    I need help in answering the following questions:

    How do you think that the mass media may function as an agent of socialization? Possibilities? Examples?

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    I have created a comprehensive guide for you that will help you understand socialization, the concepts associated with it and how mass media, as a social agent affects and influences socialization. The solution is also attached as a word file for easy printing.Thank you for using Brainmass!

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    Quick Note

    Before we discuss how mass media is an agent of socialization, I would like to introduce to you socialization and mass media as separate concepts so that you can easily see how they relate to each other (sociology, after all, is finding out the social mechanisms that make society work). Another set of concepts we also need to define is agency, social agents and structure.

    Understanding socialization & other Concepts

    Socialization is about the creation of cultural and social network skills within an individual. It becomes one's guide in approaching and viewing the world as he lives his life. From sociological point of view socialization points to the processes by which one learns to become a part of a culture. Factors that contribute towards socialization are social agents; social forces that has an effect on how things are organized, how they become. Individuals, groups, people are social agents. They carry on roles that are shape the structures, conditions and systems that allow for particular cultures & societies to exist. Socialization first happens at home, then as one grows up and his experience and knowledge increase, one's socialization becomes more complex as one becomes part of groups other than the primary one of family - groups of friends, the school, hobby & interest groups, membership in an organization (like work, etc.) and the like. Every human being goes through a socialization process. It does not stop at home, in school or a certain period. It is a continuous process as long as one is part of the social world. Socialization shapes one's identity, perspectives and beliefs and influences one's life and choices. This is the reason why while we retain and believe what ...

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    The solution, an extensive analysis of Mass Media as an agent of socialization helps students by first defining important concepts such as socialization, mass media (what makes it up, ie. the internet, radio, TV, published materials, etc.) and discourse and then goes on to discuss the influence and function of mass media in moulding individuals and groups, influencing opinions, reactions, viewpoints, traditions and affecting as well as shaping cultures and way of lives. Written in the Apa-format, this 1,224 word solution provides references from web to published materials for easy expansion of ideas presented. Word version attached for easy printing.