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Socialization vs. Biological Predisposition

What does this means: Studies have shown that socialization has far more impact on a person than biological predisposition.

What is a role that you currently hold? How have the agents of socialization, specific to you, placed you in the identified role? Identify three agents of socialization in your response. Select one agent of socialization and evaluate how the functional perspective would evaluate it.

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Socialization has Far More Impact on a Person than Biological Predisposition
Socialization and biological predisposition both are opposite concepts in relation to a person's beliefs, habits, and lifestyle. Biological predisposition is the phrase that denotes heredity in a human being, due to genetic relevancy to parents. In this concern, if the parents have any disease then there can be a possibility that the disease will be seen in child as well like obesity, cancer, alcoholism etc (Canli, 2006). On the other hand, socialization is the practice through which children learn from their adults ...

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