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    Complex Traits,Eenvironment and Heredity/Genetics

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    Explain the various ways heredity and environment may combine to influence complex traits.

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    Definition, Complex traits:
    Complex traits have a genetic component but do not follow simple Mendelian inheritance patterns.
    Results from multiple factors, including genes.


    Socialization is the process by which we are endowed from infancy with the necessary skills to make it/survive in a particular culture. We first learn the necessary social skills (including language, traditions, beliefs and mores) at home. We learn what is acceptable, what is right, what is wrong from our first role models - our parents, and if we have any brothers or sisters or any other elder relatives living with us, we get it from them too.

    Now, when we talk about complex traits, we are talking about personality developed that seems to be layered, that is, not ordinarily evident in socialization. I believe though that what is complex to others is not necessarily complex to some - it is all about perspective. This is when the environment and heredity come into play. Ethnicity and racial affiliation play a part here. In contemporary American society, second generation immigrant children of rich cultural backgrounds seem to develop complex traits. For instance, a cousin whose father is Thai and mother Filipino raised in a contemporary American system seems so ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive discussion on the relationship of genetics/heredity and environment towards influencing/shaping complex human/social traits. Written from a sociological perspective, it provides a sample case as to how the factors mentioned relate to the development of a complex personality/trait. Written in APA format, a word version is attached for easy printing.