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    Heredity and hormones are overviewed.

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    Ideas to compare and contrast the influence of heredity and hormones on human behavior are given.

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    I gave some background on both heredity and hormones in terms of what they are and how they work in terms of behavior. Then I tried to apply these principles to human behavior and how it can be organized or altered by heredity and hormones. I also tried to give examples of the effects of each on behavior and pose some questions that will help you think about how to write your paper:

    Heredity and Hormones

    As I am sure you know already, human behavior is very complex and there are a number of different ways to classify and try to describe it. The ideas of heredity, or genetics, and hormones are just two sources by which behavior can be organized and modulated.

    Heredity in behavior focuses on the idea of nature vs nurture, or what is a genetic influence on behavior and what is environmental factor on behavior. Because you are focusing on heredity vs hormones, we will concentrate on the genetic side. A lot of who you are tends to be genetic... eye color, hair color, height, etc. But genes ...