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    Understanding the Musculoskeletal system

    Introduce and understand basic information how the skeletal system and muscular system work in close concert with one another. And how their interaction between muscle and bone, as they work together to allow us movement.


    With which of the following molecules does calcium released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum bind?


    You are looking at a right leg X-ray of a child whose right femur has slowed its growth and is below the average length for a child of this age. To which region of the bone should you pay particular attention to see if there are any abnormalities?


    When the knee moves back and forth as a person walks, what keeps the surfaces of the leg bones from rubbing against each other?


    The red bone marrow is involved in erythrocyte function, whereas yellow bone marrow


    Which of the following statements regarding the periosteum is INCORRECT?