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Heredity and environmental effects

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I need help in describing methods researchers use to determine how much heredity and environment influence complex human characteristics. Please give an example of how this information could help to explain a complex trait.

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Brief notes and references demonstrate how researchers determine how much heredity and environmental influences affect complex human characteristics. It is 590 words long and includes references.

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Welcome to BM! Please rate 5/5 for my 500 words of notes and APA reference. Your business is valuable to me! Thank you so much for using BrainMass.com!

As you offer a brief description of methods regarding how researchers determine how much heredity and environmental influence complex human characteristics, I provide this brainstorming:

First, methods for assessing heredity influences often come from selective breeding experiments, family studies, and estimating the contribution of genes and environmental factors.

One study examines how heritability studies can assess how people inherit personality disorders:

Fountoulakis, K., & Kaprinis, G. (2008). Personality disorders: new data vs. old concepts. Annals Of General Psychiatry, 71.

The authors specify how "Neuropsychological, neurobiological and genetic studies favor the presence of cognitive disorders and a non-specific mode of hereditability concerning all externalizing disorders."

Heredity influences upon intellectual performance are also studied by theorists, such as Plomin et al (1997) and Wilson (1978). When examining how heredity affects ...

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