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    Nature vs Nurture and Stimulation and Brain Development

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    1. Explain the various ways that heredity and environment may combine to influence complex traits

    2. How does stimulation affect early brain development? Cite evidence at the level of a) neurons b) cerebral cortex

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    1. Scholars agree that numerous aspects of human characteristics are genetically determined, probably after multiple generations "selected" for these genetic issues - eye color, skin tone, etc. Within the subject of psychological inheritance, though, it is less the actual behavior and traits as it is the predisposition for those traits. For example, siblings may both have a genetic disposition to, say dexterity or pitch - because of their environment and personal interests, nurturing, etc. one may study piano, while the other may become a world-class baseball pitcher. The various ways in which heredity and the environment combine are at the heart of the "nature versus nurture" debate. Genetic traits, heredity, may range from certain genetic predisposition's that also form personality characteristics (temperament, etc.), but may or may not be accentuated based on the nurturing aspects of the environment, the pressures indicated by the environment, or the expectations the environment causes (care givers, culture, etc.) toward a certain trait. The more complex the trait, the more likely that the predisposition ...

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    This solution details how heredity and environment may combine to influence complex traits and how stimulation affects early brain development. Supporting references are sited. The text contains