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Substance Abuse and the Brain/Nature vs. Nurture

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Substance Abuse and the Brain

Explain the role dopamine (aka the reward system) plays in addiction. After explaining the process answer the following question: Is addiction a disease or a disorder?

Nature vs. Nurture- The Great Debate

After reading about the physiological basis of mental illness take a side (nature vs. nurture), provide your analysis on why you believe mental illness is the product of nature or nurture.

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Substance abuse and the brain is examined. Nature versus nurture debate is examined.

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Substance Abuse And The Brain:

The role played by dopamine in addiction is that some of the addictive drugs release dopamine because it gives the drug addicts the urge to take the drug. Examples of these drugs are amphetamines and cocaine and they provide memories that are long term that would enable one to always take the drug (Alexander, 2010). Addiction is a disease that is neurologically based because the addict lacks control. There is a role that age and heredity plays in increasing the vulnerability of one being addicted. Drugs affect how the brain functions and also affects the expression of ...

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