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    Gender Socialization Agents

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    Please help me to understand a description of the two socialization agents and explain how these agents influence gender role development across two different cultures. Then, describe two socialization agents that influenced your own gender role development and explain how. Finally, explain how your gender role development might have been affected if you were raised in a different culture.

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    There are several socialization agents that can influence the gender role development of an individual. Some of them are family, school, peers, community, and mass media. An example of how the factor of school may play a role in gender development can be outlined in a study done with high school and college students in Fiji. In this particular study, there were "minimal differences in gender-typing patterns between the sexes" (Sugihara & Katsurada, 2002, p. 443). ...

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    A discussion regarding two socialized gender agents across different cultures as well as a personal account of gender role development including how it would have been different in a different culture. 286 words, 1 reference.