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Culture and Gender how culture affects gender role development

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In the first line identify the agents you will address.

Compare the role of two socialization agents on gender role development in different cultures:

Compare attitudes and behaviors regarding sexuality across cultures.

Discuss how they influence gender role development across cultures.

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The expert determines how culture and gender affects gender role development.

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Culture and Gender:

Family and schools are the two agents of socialization which are going to be addressed within this document. The family is considered as the most vital socialization agent as it plays part in identifying and determining the attitudes that an individual holds towards establishing the goal of a career and the religion as well. The school agent forms a socializing environment for the young individuals especially within certain values and skills within the society. Different cultures will have a different perception of the gender roles as well as issues related to sexuality development (Russ, 2007).

Comparison of Socialization Agents On The Development Of The Gender Roles In Different Cultures:

Within the Kenyan culture, the teachers available in schools spend a lot of time with students resulting in their important role. Through the school curriculum, teachers send out gendered information while taking into consideration various gender aspects such as attitude. Kenyan culture ...

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