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    How does one's sex impact aggression?

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    What does the research suggest about gender differences in aggression? How could you apply this information in your current or future professional setting to help reduce aggression?

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    As a society in general, I strongly feel that the super macho image of male aggression seems to permeate with Hulk Hogan type depictions and expectations for boys. From early childhood, boys are encouraged to play rough, while girls are typically taught and expected to act fragile and dainty. These images, I feel, make gender differences in aggression occur and last.

    One study also contends that sex differences in aggression are "guided by a social-role or structural approach (e.g., Eagly, 1983; Eagly & Crowley, 1986). Like other social behaviors, aggression can be viewed as role behavior and therefore as regulated by the social norms that apply to people based on the roles they occupy (see also Lubek, 1979)" ...

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    This solution presents some generalized research in 300 words of notes about gender differences in aggression.