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    Aggression: The Sleeper Effect

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    Select one of the types of aggression physical or psychological, discuss and present your view of which explanation for aggression best describes this particular kind of aggression. Explain your reasoning.

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    Psychological aggression can be triggered by many socio-emotional and environmental variables. For example, family, work, financial, lack of feeling in control, substance abuse and addiction, and pre-existing mental health issues, such as panic attacks, depression, and even poorly controlled medical conditions can be triggers. These are all conditions and stressors that can compound matters that lead to and exacerbate psychological aggression.

    Symptoms and Signs of Psychological Aggression:
    increase in self destructive behaviors
    increased Alcohol Use
    increased Drug Use
    Being more so than normal short fused
    increased or decreased appetite
    Crying outbursts
    Anger outbursts
    Physical outbursts in public,
    Angry social interactions where words or gestures, verbal in nature are ...

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    This response discusses the various types of aggression.