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    The Effects of Media Violence on Children

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    What are the effects of media violence on children?

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    According to Horowitz and Borden, research shows that children spend an average of 5.5 hours per day watching television, with children of 8 to 18 years of age watching nearly 7 hours per day. The majority of families in our society have access to a television. The way in which books are written and the message that the writer is portraying to the reader has an effect on the reader. Fiction and non-fiction may have an effect on the person's perspective of what they get from the message of a book.

    Professor Marina Krcmar and her colleagues have conducted multiple studies on the effects of watching violent television programs on children's moral reasoning. In one study, Professor Krcmar and her colleagues told six- to twelve-year-old children stories in which a person performed aggression either for reasons of protection, called "justified" violence, or for random reasons, called "unjustified" violence. Most of the children perceived the unjustified aggression to be wrong. However, children who regularly watched fantasy programs such as Power Rangers were more likely than children who seldom watched such programs to say ...

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    This answer discusses the effects of media violence on children. In particular, I discuss how watching violent television can influence the behavior of young children and I list the three ways that children typically respond to violent or scary movies or television. I also discuss two philosophies for helping children who have been affected by media violence.