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Journal Review: Anger and Upset

Critically assess the research question that is addressed in the article "Conflict Between the Sexes: Strategic Interference and the Evocation of Anger and Upset" by David M. Buss. What is the hypothesis of the study? The methodology including sample, setting, procedures, and materials? The key findings reported and the conclusion drawn based on those findings?

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Preliminary Study

Research Question: What range and/or diversity of acts exist for men and women that causes them to upset and/or anger each other?

Central Hypothesis: It was hypothesized that he emotion of anger and upset will serve as mechanisms that have evolved for human males and females' adaption. Each subject received a sheet of paper titled, "Conflict between men and women." The subjects were to identify a large and diverse set of sourdes of anger and upset. An instrument was created for this purpose to assess anger and upsed in male and female conflict.

Study 1

A sample (N=317); 175 men and 142 women undergraduates who had been involved in a heterogeneous relationship participated in the study. The subjects were to identify through factor analysis the major causes of intersexual sources of conflict (i.e., anger and upset). The study was designed to test the hypothesis concerning sex differences, test the hypothesis that the type of conflict would be reduced for males when compared with females. ...

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This solution critically reviews an artile focused on the conflict associated with anger and upset.