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    The person-centered approach as applied to the elderly

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    Choose a theory we have learned about thus far in this course.
    (clinical, experimental, correlational or person-centered approach)
    Analyze how personality changes throughout life from your chosen theoryâ??s perspective.
    Answer the following questions:
    What type of specialized training might counselors need to address the clinical needs of elderly clients?
    What specific clinical skill sets may be needed?

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    According to the person -centered approach develeoped by theorist Carl Rogers, a child is born with his/her self-concept. It starts as a tiny dot and then it grows as a child ages. The self is the brain of the person. It shows who and what the person is. Rogers believed that the solution to pleasure and vigorous modification is the reliability between a person's self-concept and a person's knowledge. He also felt that children in many families feel it is bad to have ideas and theoughts of their own about certain things such as politics, religion or sexual matters. When their parents disapprove of their thoughts they consider themselves rebellious and think their feelinga are incorrect. According to Rogers when significant others in the person's world provide positive regard that is conditional and not unconditional the person introjects the desired values, making them his/her own and acquires "conditions of worth" The self-concept becomes based on the standards of value rather than on organismic evaluation. These conditions of worth disturb the "organismic valuing process" which is "a fluid, ongoing process where experiences are accurately represented and valued ...

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