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Person-Centered Theory Case Study

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-How the theory would conceptualize her "problem,"
-Identify what key concepts can be applied
-Discuss two specific interventions you would use with this client.
-Identify a limitation of using the theory to this case.

The case study is from Capella University and titled 'Case Study One: The Case of Mary'.

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Person-Centered Theory

(1) How the theory would conceptualize her "problem,"

The basic purpose underlying the person-centered approach is aid the client in to help the client develop meaningful knowledge about the self. Thus, in conceptualizing Mary's problem, the person-centered perspective points to values, meaning and purpose that reside within her, and focus on helping her to discover her true self. The person-centered approach will provide Mary with the opportunity to experience her life in a clearer and different manner. The person-centered approach introduced by Carl Rogers is based on three conditions necessary for growth and change: (1) genuineness on congruence, (2) empathy, and (3) unconditional positive regard for the client (Rogers, l967 as cited in Cepeda &, Davenport, 2006, p. 2).

(2) Identify what key concepts can be applied

The key concepts that can be applied based on the Person-centered approach are: (1) self-identity, (2) self-actualization, and (2) self-concept. Rogerian therapy begins with an understanding of human functioning with the therapist is ...

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