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Social theory Applied to Case Study

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Pick a theoretical orientation of any choice. Create a hypothetical case study and apply any theoretical orientation to the case study.

Possible theoretical orientations include but are not limited to: Person Centered, Gestalt, Reality Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
1. Introduction to a case study
2. Theoretical orientation description
3. Application of the theoretical orientation to the case study
4. Rationale for why you chose that particular theoretical orientation and why it is the "optimal" orientation for your particular case study
5. Cite at least 4 professional journal articles to support your report and presentation
6. APA format and include in text citations and a reference page

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I have supplied you with basic information based on the steps listed in the assignment. I have also included three references. You should flesh out the case study and then the orientation of the theory. Goffman's theory is very interesting and can have many applications.

1. Introduction to a case study
In dramatic situations, people are often astounded by the actions of the person they knew, who is somehow someone else. In this case, Terry, a nice young man who has a job at the local market, has just been found with two grenades in his locker and a note saying he is going to blow up something at the school. The local and state law enforcement are trying to find out why he has become this irrationally angry young man. They have interviewed all types of people from his life. His teachers see him as quiet, studious, and sometimes bullied by ...

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A made up case study as a way to identify social theory and its application based on the requirements of the assignment. The theory of Self Portrait or dramaturgical theory by Goffman is used. References are included.