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Qualitative Research Methods on Studies

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Describe the purpose of each studies and define with an example.

Case Study
Grounded Theory
Critical Study

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Ethnography is concerned with culture; describing the shared values and norms of a group of people. Ethnography gathers information on human societies and is holistic in nature. Anthropologists typically employ ethnography as their research method; studying how a culture lives, including their livelihoods, shelter, mode of clothing, customs, and languages. Data collection for ethnography is usually carried out through first hand observations and participation with the subjects. Interviewing is also a part of the data collection method, which may include questionnaires. Essentially, ethnography is a way to understand a culture through personal interaction.

Case Study is uniquely suited for diagnostic purpose and treatment by psychologist. In fact, the origins of case study can be traced back to clinical medicine. Because case studies experiences common to a single person or a small group of individuals, psychologist can better zero in on identifying markers that lend to a more comprehensive therapeutic approach to treatment.

The descriptive nature of case study provides the ability of interpretation of behavior when coupled with the participant's description of events and experiences. Case study produces rich information, since observation is at its core. When a participant or group of individuals is observed, the researcher can integrate these observations into the analysis of data. Some of the data collection methods include interviews, observational notes, and historical reports.

Case study seeks to provide an in depth investigation into understanding why certain events occur and "the term case [can] refer to an event, an entity, an individual, or even a unit of analysis" (Noor, 2008, p. 1602). An effective study relies upon the events as described by the participants, to make a case for the existence of the phenomenon being studied. There are several deciding factors for using case study method. The researcher needs to understand exactly what the research question is asking. What are the intended results? What information should the inquiry include? What do ...

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This solution addresses and describes the contexts of each of the major qualitative research methodologies, giving the student a better understanding of how to select a method for research purposes.

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