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Comparison of Research Methods

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Describe the basic tenets of the qualitative form of theory and the mixed methods form of theory. Analyze the relationship between the two.

How do both theories relate to clinical psychology and research in such a field?

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Research Methods in Psychological Research

Both Experimental and clinical psychologists engage in doing research the purpose of which is to investigate specific phenomenon in their particular fields. Experimental psychologists take on specific concerns while clinical psychologists often undertake research related to their challenges and needs in their practice. For example, experimental psychologists can undertake research in topics such as memory due to the interest in the topic of memory in the subfield of forensic psychology while clinical psychologists can do individual studies on the topic of child abuse cases and trauma if they encounter such cases in their practice or if they are advising on a CSA (child sex abuse) case for example. In both instances, qualitative and mixed methods research can apply. These methods are of interest to practitioners as they provide them with a system of inquiry and a perspective in which to view and investigate a particular subject of interest. In this selection, I have provided an explanation for qualitative and mixed methods research, their similarities and relevance and the works that have been based on them in principle or have come to influence the utilization of the methods in psychology are also listed.

Qualitative Design Question

Qualitative research is about the collection of as much details as possible either via observation, immersion, written or recorded sources as well as interviews. Questions that would lead to the utilization of qualitative research are ones ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the problem (see above) of differentiating the research methods of qualitative and mixed-methods theory as well as the relationship between the two. Said theories are also discussed in terms of how they relate to the field of clinical psychology. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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