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Analysis of Human Service Research is used most

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The researcher usually conducts one of 3 types of analysis, a statistical comparison, correlation or predictions. Each of these techniques provides a unique perception of the findings. Which technique do you think is used most often in human service research and why?

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// This paper identifies the concept and types of 'Human Service Research'. The various techniques of human service research used for qualitative analysis are being discussed further. The advantages of qualitative analysis in conducting the human service research, is being elucidated. //


As there have been various analyses, which are used by the researchers in human service research, in order to accomplish the study in an effective way, but the most effective analysis is qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is based on the precise methods, which demonstrate the quality features of the related topic or subject which in turn, assist the researcher to analyze and implement ...

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The response address the queries posted in 437 words with references