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    HR studies using statistical data

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    Search for 3 papers in your areas that you think contain statistical analysis.

    •What is the importance of statistical data analysis?
    •What are the appropriate published literature in my area of research?

    All I need is 2- 3 pages, (Word Document)
    Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis. (APA references). ( use many cite as you can to support your analysis, minimum 4 cites)

    Thanks thats all.

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    Platonova, E. A., PhD., Hernandez, S. R., & Moorehouse, R. B. (2013). Innovative human resource practices in U.S. hospitals: An empirical study. Journal of Healthcare Management, 58(4), 290-301; discussion 302-3
    Lee, J. W., & Cho, Y. J. (2011). In search of a better fit: Exploring conditions for successful performance-based human resources management in U.S.federal agencies. International Review of Public Administration, 16(3), 89.
    Akdere, M., & Conceição, S.,C.O. (2009). AN ASSESSEMNT OF GRADUATE ADULT EDUCATION AND HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: A U.S. PERSPECTIVE. New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development, 23(4), 38-50.
    •What is the importance of statistical data analysis?
    The importance of statistical data analysis comes from two things. First it uses observed factors that are numerical and concrete. They are data gathered and used to answer questions and support hypothesis that can solve or answer the questions asked. Statistical data works with samples of populations in most cases and can be extrapolated across the entire population. It shows relationships that might occur or disprove there are relationships. It can also provide the frequency and level of correlation, positive or negative of the variables included in the analysis. It also ...

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    Review of three article using statistical data and the importance of using such data for businesses.