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    Discussing data collection techniques and methods

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    Statistical analysis needs to be grounded in theory and backed by research to be useful to management. Five data collection techniques using articles find examples of studies that used two different methods of data collection.

    Paragraph 1: Describe the data collection method used in one study in an article.
    Paragraph 2: Using the knowledge you gained discuss the pros and cons of the data collection method.
    Paragraph 3: Describe a different data collection method used in another study in an article.
    Paragraph 4: Again, using the knowledge you , discuss the pros and cons of the data collection method.Conclusion

    Make a final summary statement about your responses.


    Author, A. A. (2000). Title of article. Title of Periodical, xx, xxxxx. Retrieved month day, year, from source.

    This cite might help Data-Driven Decision Making in Electronic Collection Development.

    Authors: Morrisey,
    Locke1.Source:Journal of Library Administration; Apr2010, Vol. 50 Issue 3, p283-290, 8p, 1 Chart

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    The inclusion of statistical analysis in any research project is usually very important in giving credibility to the research. To a large extent, often the research is usually dependent on the nature of research and the type of data collection technique that is employed. This paper evaluated two data collection techniques used in research studies.

    In McAlevey and Sullivan's research study, they used sample survey technique to collect data and analyses the statistical literacy of MBA students both with and without prior knowledge in managerial experience using questionnaires. Four intakes of MBA students at the University of Otago in New Zealand were surveyed on their understanding uncertainty as it related to the use of confidence levels in business statistical analysis. Through this type of data collection the authors found that there was no significant difference in statistical literacy between MBA students with prior knowledge in business experience and those without (McAlevey, & Sullivan, 2010).

    Questionnaires in sample survey as a method of data collection have its pros and cons. The advantages of using questionnaires in data collection are that large amounts of data can be collected in a short ...

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