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    Comparing Data Collection Techniques

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    I need help with an assignment. Here is the description:

    Investigate various methods for collecting data (For an Educational Research Class) in a research project and prepare a 3-4 page response discussing:

    1. The pros and cons of each method
    2. The selection of a data collection process that would address the project outlined in activity #6 and the rationale supporting this selection
    3. An outline of a data analysis strategy

    I would like someone's thoughts on each part. I would just like to jumpstart my own thoughts.

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    1. The pros and cons of each method

    Many data collection methods exist for research data collection, and I will give insight into qualitative data collection methods as I did my graduate research using qualitative research. Observation is one of the main methods for data collection within qualitative research as it enables the researcher to systematically view the phenomenon being studied while collecting data on the subjects. Seeing, hearing, and perceiving occur within this method and it is good for qualitative research because it places the researcher in a subjective role as opposed to objectivity displayed by quantitative research (Globusz, 2012).

    Different forms of observation may be employed while collecting data, including participant observation; wherein the researcher becomes an active participant in the research by observing the phenomenon with their own eyes; non-participant observation that focuses on the researcher observing behavior from afar; direct observation, indirect observation, controlled observation, and uncontrolled observation. Which method is used should be in accordance with the phenomenon and the objective of the study. For my graduate research I chose participant observation with direct access to inmates and guards within a prison facility that had an uncontrolled environment to ensure that the purpose of the study was able to be true and pure (Globusz, 2012).

    The pros of observation are that it enables the researcher the capability to view the phenomenon up close ...

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