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    Action Research project

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    When doing a Action Research project, how do you control being bias when using qualitative techniques for data collection?

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    //Before discussing about the controlling biases while using the qualitative techniques firstly we will discuss the data collection techniques and the type of data collection techniques. After that we will discuss the qualitative data collection techniques. I am providing just an overview on the data collection techniques, so that you can understand it, for example.\

    The techniques of data collection can be divided into two parts, qualitative and quantitative techniques. It is necessary for the researcher to become unbiased while using techniques of data collection. Any biasness of the researcher may lead to wrong interpretation of results. Qualitative techniques for data collection assist in the identification of interrelated variables in a mutual manner which can not be measured in quantity. Quantitative techniques for data collection assist in quantifying the size and distribution of the ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 558 words with references.