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    Action Research Proposal

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    I need help with Action Research Proposal: Research Methods.

    1) Select the population and sample that is the focus of the action research project.
    2) Describe the method of research to be applied and why it is most appropriate for the study. Describe the population, the sample, and how you intend to gather data to address the research problem.
    3) Develop a research instrument that will be used to collect data from the sample population.
    4) For help with questionnaires, view "PSC 495: Questionnaire Examples," located within the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect.

    Please see attachments for additional information.

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    Having conducted my Master's thesis using "action research," I can provide YOU with an excellent rendition of what will be necessary for your project. Upon observance of the document YOU provided as an example, I surmise that you are in nursing school or your target audience is nurses as the questionnaire you provided was asking questions pertaining to nursing. The reason this is pertinent is because of the POPULATION AND SAMPLE. Before choosing a sample population, the student YOU have to understand that the sample emanates from the population. With nurses or nursing the ability to choose a population that would represent the entire nursing pool is not possible, and I faced a similar problem with my action research.

    This does not pose a deterrent to you choosing a good population or sample as you must only choose a specific hospital or nursing school to retrieve the population regarding the issue you are attempting to solve through action research. Let's assume that at a general hospital in a large city 300 nurses work at this hospital and the problem you are addressing in your "action research" revolves around high turnover by the nursing staff at this hospital. The key to understanding this population and how to solve this problem is by developing a sample from this population of 300 nurses. This is achieved by choosing to use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to integrate a percentage of these 300 nurses to ...

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