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    Action Research-ESL

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    Here is 3 files one that titled ESL learners is my action research while the other two files is the professor guide. Feel free to revise my action research question or write better one, the same thing for titles , cover page etc I'm master student & I prefer someone who has great writing skills & related major. I'm expecting APA style, high academic vocab with great transition. Look deeper to my sentences edit. rewrite or add new ideas. I said in the abstract " . In this essay, I will initiate a proposal to raise continuous awareness on reducing and eradicating ..etc" Is it right to say in this essay or it is better to say in my action research ? I do my best with my writing & I'm looking for writing expert who will double check my grammar, ideas. sentences. transition, academic vocab & if I satisfy with the result I'll keep working with you.

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    Attached is suggested revisions to your paper. I have not complete all that you wanted reviewed. Could you please re-post this assignment and identify me as your preferred expert. I would like to provide you with additional ...

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    This assignment provides an example of action research and is demonstrated in an action research project.