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    Determining an Appropriate Educational Program for an ELL

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    Sara has lived in the United States for six months. She seems withdrawn and does not socialize much with other students. She was educated in her home country and, in fact, studied some English as a foreign language in school. Her teachers are pleased with her work, given the limited time she has been in the country. What type of student is she, and what is an appropriate educational program for her? What do you think the relationship is between an appropriate academic program and her behavior?

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    Good evening. My name is Melissa Eaton, and I'm an ELL/ESL teacher with ten years of teaching experience. Your question doesn't give a lot of details about Sara, so I'm going to assume this is a question for a class about ESL students and how to meet their needs. I'm going to speak from my experience and tell you what kinds of things I would do to improve her academic program.

    First of all, it is perfectly normal for Sara to be quiet in class. The first six months (sometimes longer) that a student is immersed in a new language is called the silent period. Listening skills develop long before speaking skills, and it is natural for newcomers to be quiet. Think about it. If you studied some French in high school, but weren't fluent, and then suddenly were moved to ...

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    Given a specific student, I explain a little bit about her patterns of learning English and an appropriate course of action for the teacher.