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Assessments and ELL Students

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Why is it important to use a variety of assessments?

We as teachers have a job to teach them the English language in the classroom since that is what we use in the United States to teach all of our students. We have them from when the bell rings till the end of the day then they go home.

Supposing that they then enter their home and speak their own language, where is the breaking point that gets them to lose their first language and totally immerse themselves in English?

When would a monolingual English speaker be considered for ELL testing?

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This answers questions regarding ELL students, language usage, and appropriate use of assessments.

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It is important to use a variety of assessments to gain a more complete picture of a student's progress. This is good practice not just for ELL or special education students, but for all students. Learning doesn't take place in a vacuum, so neither should assessment. Portfolio-based assessments take into account a wide variety of student work samples instead of a one-time snapshot of a particular day. Performance-based assessments tend to be more "real" to the students. This can help them be motivated to do better, and also judges how they would be able to use the concept in a real-life situation. A variety of assessments helps reach students of different ...

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