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Measuring ELL Students

Create three different, original, and appropriate alternative assessments to be used for measuring intermediate level ELL student progress. The assessments should be supportive in providing snapshots of both oral and written language development and performance.

Once created, explain how you could use the data gathered from these assessments to monitor student progress.

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The topic of ELL is a very sensitive topic in Education right now and I understand why your instructor wants you to explore this issue. My first recommendation is to choose an overall subject that your students will be engaged in. For example, are your ELL students in an ELL class to help them with Science? Math? English? This can be a topic you are studying yourself in school, since most majors do require a concentration in their educational field. Once you have narrowed down this very large issue you must find a specific lesson in that subject content. You can get these lessons from looking at state standards. For example, if a student was going to school ...

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This solution provides a step by step process in how to plan assessments for ELL students in order to provide evidence/data of learning and student progress.