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    State Language Arts Standards and ELL Proficiency Standards

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    Examine the format and the alignment of ELL proficiency standards to the Arizona language arts (listening and speaking, reading, and writing) academic standards. What is the difference between state language arts standards and ELL proficiency standards? Why are both necessary in lesson preparation?

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    The general format of ELL proficiency standards in Arizona for language arts academic standards is formatted toward ensuring that AZELLA proficiency levels of ELL students ranging from (Pre-Emergent, Emergent, Basic, Intermediate) are at the forefront of the teacher's implementation of standards. ELL students range from being proficient in English to pre-emergent and, therefore, instruction must be tailored toward individual ELL learner's subtest proficiency scores with oral, reading, and writing skills. The goal of the ELL proficiency standards is to jettison students from their identified proficiency level through high-intermediate levels in English proficiency (AZED, Gov. 2012).

    ELL standards are all-inclusive, ...

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    The following posting discusses state language arts standards and ELL proficiency standards.